The Lavedan is nestled at the foot of the mountains in the Midi Pyrenees region.

This territory which, according to Victor Hugo, looks like an open hand is made up of seven valleys each with its own peculiarities. In the palm of this hand, the Villa du Parc greets you in Argelès Gazost in the Hautes Pyrenees.

In a hearty atmosphere, this distinguished and charming guest house will accommodate you all year round so that you can make the most of all the riches of the mountain.

Ten minutes away from Lourdes and its sanctuaries, the place is ideal for visiting the surroundings within the Pyrenees National Park and for enjoying its wild and contrasting expanses, ideal for a variety of leisure activities. The open and sunny Val d’Azun, the green pastures of the Luz Saint Sauveur valley, the thermal baths of Cauterets or the Roman churches of the Argelès- Gazost valley are all expecting your visit.